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Safety precautions for packaging machinery

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Safety precautions for packaging machinery

1. When the gift box packaging machine finds that the equipment has abnormal sound or dangerous state, stop running the equipment immediately, confirm the following items, and return to the normal state, and then confirm that it is safe and then re-run.

a. When replacing defective parts, find out the cause and try to prevent the accident from happening again.

b. To confirm the part of the inspection, the drive system, and the looseness of the fastening bolts.

c. Use micro-motion to check if foreign matter is rolled in to confirm whether it is safe.

2. Precautions for adjustment, maintenance and inspection of gift box packaging machinery and equipment:

a. Parts related to equipment safety should not be disassembled or modified without any reason.

b. After the operation, securely tighten the bolts on the adjustment parts. The fixed device should be securely fixed.

c. When disassembling the components such as the safety cover, be sure to return to the original state after completion.

Oct 12, 2020

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