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Probiotics powder bag packing machine

Probiotics powder bag packing machine

Wanbon Boway Machinery Co., LTD is specialized at manufacturing packaging machinery and associated equipments. The key technical engineers possess 20 years experience in the packaging machinery.

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Product detail

Probiotics powder bag packing machine

sachet packing machine is a wonderful small sachet packaging machine.  It’s widely used for saucecoffeecerealsshampoo, tomato ketchupjuice, jam, palm oil, water as well as other beverage products. Fast filling and sealing, Wanbon can customize the best sachet packing machine for you.

Wanbon sachet packing machines are popular for packaging various sachets styles, like a 3-side seal4-side sealstick sachet, and alien sachet. We are excellent at sachet filling machines not limited to liquid pouch packing machines, granules sachet filling machines, powder sachet packing machines, etc.

Probiotics powder bag packing machine

Technological process of small bag packaging machine

Feeding equipment (optional) → screw metering → film rolling, bag making and packaging.

The technical parameter of sachet bag packing machine

  1. Product specifications: suitable for 120-240 mesh powder, such as seasoning powder,coffee powder, milk powder, etc.
  1. Production capacity: 5-45 bags/minute (determined by material characteristics and packaging weight)
  1. Measurement accuracy: 0.5-1%
  2. Total power: 1.5KW (excluding metal detection and self-provided equipment and other factory auxiliary equipment)

Brief description Of small bag packing machine

This equipment is configured according to the conventional bagging process, and the

whole production process has a high degree of automation, which conforms to the

Chinese GMP hygiene standard;

The supporting machines of this equipment are all stainless steel except the materials

indicated, and all machine structures are selected and designed according to food

hygiene standards;

The materials of containers in contact with materials are all food-grade SUS304;;

Easy-to-disassemble parts are adopted for the structures that are often disassembled and

washed, so as to ensure sanitary and convenient treatment when changing shifts or products;

Probiotics powder bag packing machine

How to choose bag packing machine for powder product?

Probiotics powder bag packing machine


Jan 16, 2023

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