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Notes for choosing vacuum packing machine

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Notes for choosing vacuum packing machine

Notes for choosing vacuum packing machine

  1. The core is the vacuum pump. Pay more attention to the quality and brand of packingg machine.


Vacuum pump is the core of vacuum packing machine. It should be very careful to make a choice. Whether large or small vacuum packaging machine pump, the first thing we pay attention to is its price. In addition, it also focus on the vacuum pump vacuum capacity, generally expressed in cubic meters per hour. But bigger is not better, as long as it matches the working speed of the whole wrapping machine.


  1. Choose reputable manufacturers, quality is guaranteed.


The control principle of 3D automatic and semi-automatic packaging machine  is the application of electrical components control. Only the electronic components of regular manufacturers can ensure durability, reliability and safety. The fragile parts are easy to buy, or it will easy to aging and often goes wrong. The electric control devices of vacuum packaging machine, packaging machine, filling machine and 3D packaging machine produced by regular manufacturers all quote world famous brand technology, with guaranteed quality and trustworthiness.


3.Keep your eyes peeled for genuine stainless steel.


General regular vacuum packaging machine factory, the choice is really stainless steel. For example, 304, the special steel for equipment. But a few small manufacturer like to use substitute, plank ply also is thinner. I recommends using 3mm thick steel for products below model 600 and 4mm thick steel for products above model 600.


4.Choose a strong packaging machine supplier


Verify the technical capability and after-sale service capability of the manufacturer. Generally through telephone communication and patronage manufacturers website(Do not buy the manufacturers which without websites). No product is perfect, but after – sales service timely and thoughtful manufacturers will not bring users trouble or affect the production.


Dec 17, 2020

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