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Conveying Machinery

Conveying Machinery

Wanbon Boway Machinery Co., LTD is specialized at manufacturing packaging machinery and associated equipments. The key technical engineers possess 20 years experience in the packaging machinery.

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Product detail

Conveying Machinery

Product name: Conveyor (non-standard equipment)

Product features: simple and compact structure, lightweight frame, beautiful appearance, reliable operation and convenient maintenance.

Structural form: parallel, climbing, turning, lifting, telescopic and other conveying forms.

Drive form: motor drive.

Conveying belt: rubber belt, PVC belt, PU belt, canvas belt, etc.

Conveyor belt form: conveyor belt with baffle, with skirt and flat belt.

Wire support: stainless steel, aluminum profile, carbon steel sprayed.

Conveying speed: generally 1-10M/min, speed regulation or fixed speed can also be adopted according to user needs.

Application: Widely used in medicine, food, electronics, beverage, chemical and other industries.

Conveying Machinery

Oct 12, 2020

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