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Automatic Tobacco Cellophane Wrapping Machine

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Automatic Tobacco Cellophane Wrapping Machine

With the increasing demand for tobacco products, manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to improve their production processes.
One important aspect of tobacco production is packaging, and in particular, the cellophane wrapping of tobacco products.

A tobacco cellophane wrapping machine is a specialized piece of equipment used to wrap tobacco products, such as cigarettes, cigars, and pipe tobacco, in cellophane film.
Tobacco cellophane wrapping machines are widely used in the tobacco industry for packaging cigarettes in a protective and attractive manner.
These machines are designed to wrap individual cigarette packs in a thin layer of cellophane film, providing airtight packaging and ensuring the freshness and quality of the tobacco inside.

Following is the operation steps of the machine.

Automatic Tobacco Cellophane Wrapping Machine

BOPP Overwrapping Machine Operating process

Step1. Put the cigarette packs into the machine. (not connect with front end machine, so this step needs manual labor)
Step2. The machine’s conveyor belt will transport the packs to the wrapping station, where the cellophane film is cut and wrapped around each pack.
Step3. The film is sealed using heat or adhesive, creating a tight and secure package.
Step4. The wrapped packs are discharged from the machine, ready for distribution.

Automatic Tobacco Cellophane Wrapping Machine

And below is the benefits of the machine.

BOPP/PVC Over Packing Machine Benefits 

1. Protective: blocks moisture, dust, and other contaminants and preserves the tobacco’s flavor and aroma.
2. Integrity: ensures the products are not easily opened and reduces the risk of counterfeiting.
3. Aesthetic appeal: easier for consumers to see the branding and design of products, enhancing visual appeal.
4. Highly efficient: wraps hundreds of packs per minute, depending on the model and specifications, that ensures a steady supply of packaged cigarettes.
5. User-friendly: equipped with advanced features such as touch-screen control panels, automatic film feeding systems, and adjustable wrapping parameters that simplifies the operation process and reduces the need for manual labor.

Automatic Tobacco Cellophane Wrapping Machine

In conclusion, the tobacco cellophane wrapping machine plays a crucial role in the tobacco industry. It offers numerous benefits, including improved packaging quality, increased production efficiency, and enhanced hygiene and safety.

As the demand for tobacco products continues to rise, these machines will meet consumer expectations and help the manufacturers maintain their competitive edge in the market.

What’s more, we have also completed the order for the automatic tobacco cellophane wrapping machine, which has been shipped to Thailand successfully!

Looking forward to more orders and being able to work with more companies!

Aug 9, 2023

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