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Automatic nonwoven fabric wet wipes making machine production line

Automatic nonwoven fabric wet wipes making machine production line

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Product detail

Automatic nonwoven fabric wet wipes making machine production line

Automatic wet wipes production line include:

Four-edge sealing single-piece wet towel machine

Back-sealing single-piece wet towel machine

1-5 pieces/bag full-automatic back-sealing wet towel machine

1-10 pieces/bag full-automatic back sealing wet towel machine

5-30-piece/bag automatic wet towel machine

30-120/pack full-automatic wet towel production line with large mother roll

30-120/Pack Automatic Single Roll Wet Towel Machine Production Line

Full-automatic capping machine automatic packing machine Automatic stacker


30-120/pack full automatic wet towel production line

device name

6-channel full-automatic (large mother roll) wet towel machine and cover gluing machine (optional)




Cloth folding liquid adding section

220 tablets/min, 420 slices/min

Package segment

6 packs/minute

Adhesive segment


Line requirements

6-10mm copper wire


AC380V 50HZ/60HZ 18KW (it can be customized according to the voltage of each country)

Folding mode

N-type single pump and C-type single pump

Gas source requirement

0.6MPA-0.8MPA gas consumption 0.15m³/min

Whole machine weight


Whole machine size

9500× width 2665× height 2230

Sealing mode

middle seal,3 side seal

Support language

Chinese, English, French

Automatic nonwoven fabric wet wipes making machine production line


raw material

Applicable materials

spunlace nonwoven

Master roll specification

Maximum diameter 1100mm width (200-1200)mm)

Axis number setting

Single pumping operation


Diameter 76.2mm

Unwrapped size of wet wipes

Length (100-180)× width (90-200)

Folding size of wet wipes

Length (100-180)× width (90-110)


Applicable packing material

Coated aluminum film, aluminum foil film PE/PP PO/PPE

Thickness of wrapping material


Axis number setting

Single-axis operation

Capsule shaft diameter

Diameter 70-75mm

Roll film specification

Diameter 350mm, width 350mm

Packing size

Length (150-230)× width (100-120)× height (20-80)


Applicable label

Transparent paste and opaque paste

Axis number setting

Double-axis operation

Label size

Standard 35-50mm can be customized.

Opening size

Standard 20-40mm can be customized.

Label thickness


Filling barrel capacity

400L standard single tank


What can we offer?

technical services

1. Provide free consulting services to help customers formulate and analyze the feasibility of the project;

2. We provide all kinds of information about products for customers’ reference;

3. We provide design, installation drawings and information required for production according to the actual situation of customers;

4. We will inform the categories, technical index requirements, suppliers and reference prices of raw materials required for production;

5. We will provide suggestions to customers for common equipment problems;

6. We can send technicians to your company to install and debug equipment.

After-sales service

1. The machine will be debugged in our company, and will not be delivered until the customer is satisfied;

2. When the machine is debugged for the first time in the customer company, our technicians will train the customer’s technicians in theory and practice until they master the operation skills;

3. After the machine is shipped to the customer’s factory, we can send technicians to the customer.



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