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Two engineers from Thailand came to Wanbon Machinery factory again

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Two engineers from Thailand came to Wanbon Machinery factory again

The two engineers from Thailand came to the Wanbon Machinery factory again to test the machine yesterday. They brought in the products that need to be packaged in order to test the machine.  They provided two different types of boxes that need to be packaged. According to their requirements, the workers adjusted the machines to package their products.

Finally, we packaged their products prefectly.

In the process of testing the machine, we taught them how to use and assemble the machine. Then they confirmed the mechanical configuration, power equipment and main electrical configuration. We reached a good agreement.

What’s more, we promised that if there is any problem with the use of the machine, we will carry out a series of after-sales services. They were satisfied with our machine and offered to buy more if our machines met their customers’ requirements.

In the end, we took them to our model room to take a rest. They were interested in the packaging of our other products. We provided some samples for them to take back. We hope that our machines can meet their requirements. We look forward to further co-operation next time.

Jul 27, 2023

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